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4 job-hunting tips that you HAVEN’T heard

Yes, I know that this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this subject.

We’ve all heard the standard tips that everyone else is using…and that’s exactly why they don’t work…because everyone else is using them!  You have to make yourself stand out…be memorable (without offending anyone…that’s the tricky part).  I interviewed several recruiters and hiring managers to find out what is setting the chosen few apart.  Here are some of their answers:

  • Optimize your résumé for HTML.  Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems which parse out and display resumes in an HTML format. Many Word résumés, though they look great in Word, do not display well in HTML based Applicant Tracking Systems.  A company called ResuWe has a free service on their website that will optimize your résumé to display well in Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • Keep it fresh. Wherever you have your résumé posted, make sure to update it once every month…even if you don’t really have anything to update.  Many résumé searches on popular job boards have the search defaulted to only pull up résumés that have been posted or updated in the last 30 days.

  • I only have eyes for you. Making yourself seem “in demand” by namedropping other companies that are interested does not work in this economy.  Treat every potential employer like they’re your soul mate.  Employers love hiring people that are excited to work there and have demonstrated interest in the company by doing their homework ahead of time.

  • Have a portfolio.  Maybe you have heard of this one, but most people think that portfolios don’t cater to the field that they’re in…WRONG!  It’s not about what’s in your portfolio as much as the fact that you went above and beyond 90 percent of all the other applicants.  If you really can’t think of anything to include, ask all of your friends to write a quick recommendation for you on Facebook and/or LinkedIn, then print those out.

    I’m not including this last tip in my list since you’ve heard it before, but it needs to be mentioned.  You MUST actively use LinkedIn!  Almost every recruiter that I spoke to said that they are using this more and more everyday and using the traditional job boards less.  Several of them added that their contacts at Monster and CareerBuilder are terrified that the LinkedIn model will replace traditional job boards.

    It’s not enough just to be on LinkedIn though – you should join some groups, get involved in the discussions, and do some networking!  Check out this video that shows you how to find a job using LinkedIn.

    Happy Hunting!


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