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What are the most useful emerging technologies in higher education?

December 26, 2012 Leave a comment


I recently participated in a story about uncovering the most useful emerging technologies in higher education.  Here is a clip of my answer.  Do you have another suggestion for a useful emerging technology in higher education?  If so share it in the comments below.

What is an example of an emerging technology in the higher education field?

 One of the most useful emerging technologies education is ‘Personalized Learning’. This often involves an online component which collects information and preferences from students through surveys, and then personalizes portions of the lesson plan to the needs or preferences of the student.

We (iGrad) use this technology in the online financial literacy platforms we develop for colleges. The platform determines which topics are most relevant to each student based on different profile data and performance evaluations.  By making the information more relevant to each student, ‘Personalized Learning’ greatly increases learning retention and effectiveness.



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